Due to the segmentation of products, packaging plays an increasingly important role in the success of sales, in addition to its pure function. The demand for packaging products is also increasing day by day.

On the other hand, energy-efficient production places special demands on equipment. This is why high efficiency and high speed machines are dominating the packaging sector. Both Systec SP and El-Exis SP models greatly exceed the effective industry standards with their high injection dynamics and short injection times. The Systec SP is suitable for all applications with molding cycles from 7 to 12 seconds and flow ratios up to 350. The El-Exis SP has high dynamics with molding cycles up to 6 seconds and flow ratios up to 350. Molding cycle times of up to 6 seconds and mold filling times of up to 100 milliseconds, making it a convincing choice.

According to different product requirements, Demag focuses on the following areas and has outstanding performance:
  • Standard screw cover
  • Special screw cover
  • Thin wall packaging products
  • Plastic bucket
  • Medical packaging
  • Leading technology

    For each industry, our company has extensive experience and offers the ideal solution for its customers.

    This includes, for example, in-mold labeling technology (IML) for the production of thin-walled products or plastic drums

  • Industry advantage

    For the food, pharmaceutical or technical packaging industries, Demag also takes into account their complexity and country-specific requirements.

    Equipped with a team of experts from various disciplines, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions, outstanding mechanical technology, high-performance tools, and flexible automation systems.

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96 cavities 29/25 water cap production unit
6+6 labeled yogurt cup production inspection system
12*4 rotating mold soy sauce cover application
Recommended models
Systec C SP
EI-Exis SP
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