For demographic reasons alone, the medical packaging field has become one of our growing markets. On the other hand, it is because medical products have specific demands on production processes and equipment in terms of quantity and quality.


Demag's medical injection molding machine Systec C MED is designed for the medical industry with all the details in mind, from the anti-static treatment of the machine body to the stainless steel clamping area, from the consideration of daily cleaning to the advantages of clean room design, and offers high mold load and high ejection force to guarantee efficient output of medical products. The IntElect series of all-electric injection molding machines is particularly suitable for cleanroom production due to its precision direct drive system. Compared to other existing all-electric machines, the direct drive avoids or minimizes dust generated by vibrations. For particularly precise cleanroom requirements, the high-performance IntElect series with water-cooled direct drives solves all problems.


In addition, Demag offers an efficient one-stop solution for the medical sector with a standard automation system. This automated modular system includes specific components for cleanrooms.

According to different product requirements, Demag focuses on the following areas and has outstanding performance:
  • Air system
  • In vitro diagnostic products(short for IVD)
  • Medical connector
  • Medicine delivery
  • Leading technology

    We have rich experience in these product fields and can provide the ideal solution for our customers.

  • Industry advantage

    Certified according to the VDA 6.4 standard, Demag not only meets the product requirements of the medical industry, but is also able to provide professional support to its partners according to the certification process.

    We provide our customers with interdisciplinary teams of experts, comprehensive solutions, outstanding mechanical technology, high-performance tools, and flexible automation systems.

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32 cavities pipette tip production inspection unit
24 cavities vacuum plain tube application
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Systec C MED
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