Demag MEDPAC Openhouse


From November 19th to 20th, the two-day "Sumitomo Demag MEDPAC Open House" was held in Ningbo Beilun Modern Logistics Park. This event was organized by Demag Plastic Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Many well-known domestic medical packaging companies came here, and a small number of partners participated in it. The event aims to show the most cutting-edge injection molding technology and related solutions for the majority of injection molding manufacturers.

At the welcome dinner on the 19th, Demag's CEO Mr. Pietro Scattarreggia and the deputy general manager Mr. Richard Chen, attended the event and welcomed all the guests.

The 20th is the day for the main activities. Due to the repeated epidemics, Demag has controlled the number of participants in this seminar. It is not easy for customers and partners from all over the world to gather together for the event.

At 9:30 in the morning, the seminar officially started. The topics of the speech were "Speaking from "Rotary Mould", Multi-color and Multi-material Packaging and Medical Products Case Analysis" by Push Mold Co., Ltd.; Sumitomo Plastics Shanghai Co., Ltd. Suzhou Technology "Based on Zero molding, how to achieve "zero" clamping force production? "; How to realize the automatic production and inspection unit of packaging products, saving more than 50% of labor from Ningbo Weili Robot Technology Co., Ltd.? "Berry Elite Packaging (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.'s "Extended Application of Special Packaging and Mold Development" and Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.'s "Medical Products Companies, How to balance production efficiency in a clean and safe environment?" "These wonderful speech topics have gained a high degree of attention from the scene, and everyone present enthusiastically participated in them, learned and discussed.

《Starting from “CUBE mold", case analysis of multi-color and multi-material packaging and medical products》by Sichuan Province YibinPUSH MOLD Co., Ltd.

《Based on Zero molding, how to achieve "zero" clamping force process production?》by Suzhou Technology Center of Sumitomo Plastics Shanghai Co., Ltd.

《Save more than 50% of labor, how to realize the automatic production and inspection unit of packaging products?》by Ningbo WelllihRobot Technology Co., Ltd

《"Extended Application and Mold Development of Special Packaging "》;

《"Extended Application of Special Packaging and Mold Development" By Berry JingyingPackaging (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.》

《For medical plastic products companies, how to balance production efficiency and a safe and clean production environment?》by Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of the 20th, two buses carrying a large group set off from the hotel to Demag Ningbo factory for a visit.

Three machines in the factory are ready to go, namely Systec multi 120/470-200h 80v C, Systec 420/820-2300C SP and Systec 160/520-840C MED.

Systec multi 120/470-200h 80v C multi-component injection molding machine can detect deviations across the entire closing stroke of the clamping unit, and the active deceleration of the clamping unit reduces response time to a minimum (optional). This machine is equipped with a second injection unit, available in V, R and L versions, and has tested SD quality. The equipped NC5 plus controller can provide an Intuitive, process-oriented user interface for comfortable setting, monitoring and recording. In short, this machine can achieve the maximum process consistency for constant quality, and can provide customers with high performance double-color solution.

Systec 420/820-2300C SP electric dosing, for high quality plasticizing, parallel actions for high speed packaging application. Injection Speed up to 610 mm/s with accumulator. Highest platen parallelism for high speed packaging applications. This machine uses servo technology to achieve the lowest energy consumption.

Systec 160/520-840C MED is a special medical machine introduced from the German headquarters just last year. Mold platens and machine bed in mold area covered by stainless steel, including integrated media supply cabinet beside mold area, special layout easy for cleaning. (Safety door on Non-operater side will be extended 100mm). The whole machine in medical white color (except mold area), using the paint easy for cleaning; Increased base height by 100mm, highlighting the "easy clean" design. The characteristics of this machine are larger mold thickness and larger molarity weight, more powerful ejection force. Overall highlight the professional "safety and cleanliness" in the field of medical products.

Demag welcomes you all next time ~


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