Innovation, efficiency, precision: Demag presents future-ready showcase at Chinaplas


From April 13-16, Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd presents its innovative, highly efficient, precision-focused, data driven integrated machine line-up at Chinaplas 2021 in Shenzhen (booth: 11E41). The portfolio signifies the global industry advantages and the latest technological achievements that Demag has developed in the fields of medical, packaging, automotive, and 3C.

Demag at Chinaplas features its clean, safe and highly dynamic medical injection molding machine that meets current industry demand. The LSR matrix lamp solution showcases advanced European manufacturing technology. The eye- catching double-color cube mold technology is a better reflection of cutting-edge precision and reliability. In addition, a demonstration of direct-drive all-electric high-speed injection of 5G mobile phone back cover and "zero clamping force" application technology is set to emphasize Demag’s dynamic thrust to meet today’s changing demands.

Innovation, Efficiency, Precision: The distinguishing qualities of Demag’s technology for visitors to see at Chinaplas booth 11E41.

Double-color rotary mold technology——Systec C Cube

The three-dimensional rotation technology of the stack mold represents the latest technology development trend in multi-color and multi-material molding. The rotating mold can accurately achieve the 90-degree and 180-degree rotation of the mold and the multi-station injection molding requirements of the product. The advantage of this is that it can realize the synchronization of the process, support the turnover and product cooling during the mold opening and closing process, reduce cycle time, and improve the overall efficiency of the machine. This technology is perfectly adapted for the manufacture of efficiency-sensitive double-color and multi- color products used in the automotive, packaging, and consumer goods industries.

At Chinaplas, Demag will present the rotation mold technology and 4*12 double-color cap molding technology on a customized Systec120 machine. Double-color rotary mold technology is a very efficient mold technology. Although the mold cost is relatively high, but with the aid of auxiliary cooling and ejection of the products outside the mold, the output efficiency can be increased by 30-40%. The unit also provides multi- station simultaneous injection molding, which significantly enhances the molding efficiency.  Further, combined with the design that allows for high cavity number, the application potential is huge for the molding of disposable packaging and medical products. Therefore, the widespread use of various mold rotation technologies in multi-color and multi- material molding and through the standardization of rotating devices, further simplifying the mold structure, reducing mold costs and achieving professional and efficient production, have become a new trend in technological development.


IntElect S LSR turnkey-IntElect S

With the global silicone elastomers markets forecast to reach US$ 9.34 billion by 2026, LSR is fast becoming the material of choice for specific applications in the digital electronics and automotive segments.

Demag will demonstrate its technical LSR know-how and the process of molding light guides for matrix light at Chinaplas 2021 on a special IntElect 130. “LSR provides very good optical features, withstands high temperatures, offers excellent chemical and UV resistance and enhanced electrical insulation capabilities, plus a whole range of design freedom,” a Demag application engineering expert said.

Molding LSR requires high precision and process stability. The latest IntElect systems achieve extremely precise shot control with the low-viscosity material. Units feature a specially designed screw, ranging from

14mm to 45mm, a modified plasticizing unit, a shut off nozzle specifically designed for LSR, and a spring loaded non-return valve to achieve the highest processing consistency.

Full emphasis on being "safe and clean" in the field of medical products——Systec C MED

The medical industry implements strict regulatory requirements on the production environment, equipment design, and production process. It also imposes special requirements on the use and daily maintenance of production equipment that are different from other industries. The level and design requirements of the clean room, and the factors affecting clean production are all practical problems faced by every enterprise.

As a key production injection molding machine for medical products manufacturing, Systec C MED can actively create and implement designs to meet the basic typical GMP requirements, or even other non-essential GMP requirements. This machine has been a great support to the medical sector in meeting the challenges of today’s healthcare industry. 

The whole machine’s color is white, which is ideal for quick and easy cleaning. It has an expanded base height of 100mm, in support of the "easy clean" design. The movable plate production area is covered with stainless steel, including integrated media supply cabinet beside mold area. The special layout is intended for fast cleaning and easy maintenance. 

The machine’s basic features include increased mold thickness and higher molarity weight, and more powerful ejection force. Overall, this highly reliable machine highlights the "safe and clean" characteristics that are required in the field of medical products.

Direct drive high-speed all-electric injection molding-SEEV-A-SH

SE180EV-A-SHR showcases the cost-efficient compression molding of 5G frame thin wall products and IOT/M2M solutions. The maximum injection speed of SE180EV-A-SHR C560 has been increased from 800mm/s to


1000mm/s. Low-pressure filling can be realized in a short time, which is not only suitable for thin-wall forming, but also effectively reduces sprue edge, deformation, warpage and other problems. The IOT/M2M solution can accurately and quickly start production and reduce hours, while monitoring the quality through various sensors.

Even with low clamping force molding in PPS, damage to mold parts is eliminated due to the full play of the exhaust function, thereby effectively reducing gas scorching and adhesion problems. 

For more information, visit Booth 11E41 from April 13-16, 2021.


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