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  • Technology

    The two-component mixtures belong to the group of high-temperature vulcanising rubbers, i.e. the reaction starts under heat supply with no decomposition products being formed. For setting the processing time, one of the two components has an inhibitor which is also called pot-life controller. The other component is fed by a catalyst. Crosslinking (vulcanization) starts owing to the influence of the mould temperature, usually between 160°C and 220°C. Then, however, the reaction is very fast with approximately 5 s/mm wall thickness. As a result of this, it is possible to achieve shorter cycle times thanks to the use of LSR compared to classic elastomers. Specific manufacturing process requirements such as mould degassing, material feed, demoulding technology are realised by SDG through integrated solutions or user-friendly interfaces.

    The modular concept of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injection moulding machines allows using both hydraulic and electrical machine technology. Stability of process parameters is the deciding factor for achieving the required quality. This is why Sumitomo (SHI) Demag attaches the greatest importance to a precise and exactly repeatable pressure and speed control. Special screw geometries attuned to the requirements of LSR processing and non-return valve design (disc non-return valve, activeLock) ensure processes with an extremely high repeatability precision. 

  • Benefits

    Benefits of liquid silicone rubbers

    Physiologically non-toxic

    Odourless and tasteless

    Good transparency

    Very good haptic and elastic properties

    Very good weathering and ageing resistance

    High-temperature resistant (continuous operating temperature possible up to 180°C)

    Low-temperature resistant and flexible towards low temperatures down to -50°C


    Non-adhesive, water-repellent surfaces

Typical application
Medical equipment, food industry, sanitary fittings and domestic appliances, electrical and mechanical engineering components, sportswear and leisure wear

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