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Zero-moulding with SE-DUZ, SE-HSZ, SE-HDZ and SE-EV

High precision and high process stability are becoming more and more important. Thanks to the direct servo-motor drive and intelligent servo-motor control, the SE-DUZ series machines meet the increasing demands of the moulders in an ideal manner. A powerful and quick-acting injection unit and an absolutely reliable, accurate and quick-acting clamping mechanism bring the SE-DUZ machine range into the top class of all-electric machines. The SE-DUZ machine series with clamping forces of 180 kN and 300 kN is based on the latest technology and feature a high degree of performance and precision. 

The SE-HSZ series (high speed) ranges in clamping forces from 2,200 kN to 3,500 kN. The SE-HDZ series (heavy duty) comes in clamping forces from 2,200 kN up to 4,500 kN. All machine lines are equipped with the revolutionary Zero-Moulding technology, which helps to prevent scrap and defects during the production process

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